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The Airline Business podcast builds on the brand’s decades-long coverage of the global airline industry to offer regular audio insight and commentary from our editorial team. It offers a fresh and timely way to hear the trusted analysis on which Airline Business has built its reputation with senior decision-makers in the industry, through the growing podcast medium. Alongside discussion of the key industry news and themes, the team also present coverage from the big conferences, events and air shows.


The podcast is enjoyed by airline executives and other senior stakeholders in the industry, as part of a large international listenership. An average episode is listened to at least 4,000 times, including around 1,000 plays within 24 hours of release. Between its launch in early 2019 and mid-2023, the podcast had been listened to more than 140,000 times.


  • Association with a long-standing, widely recognised and trusted brand in Airline Business  
  • Access to a listenership of decision-makers that reflects Airline Business’s senior industry user base  
  • Access to a global listenership, concentrated in big aviation markets such as the USA, the UK, Germany Japan, India and others  
  • Each episode is freely available to anyone with a podcast app or access to a web browser, meaning there are no barriers to your message being heard  
  • Podcast format enables a wide variety of ways to convey your message, including options that involve no production costs for the advertiser/sponsor  
  • 70% of listeners have considered a new product or service as a result of hearing a podcast ad*
  • 44% of listeners think more positively about companies that advertise on the podcasts they regularly listen to*
  • 37% of listeners say podcasts are the best way for an advertiser to reach them*
  • 44% of listeners agree that they pay more attention to advertising on podcasts than other media*
  • 47% of the USA population has listened to a podcast in the last month*
  • 34% of the USA population has listened to a podcast in the last week*
  • 67% of the USA population has ever listened to a podcast*

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Advertising opportunities

Pre-recorded advertisements

  • Commerical messages supplied by the advertiser with no input from Airline Business or the hosts.
  • Ads typically run for 15-30 seconds (30-second ad max) and the audio file for the ad is provided by the advertiser.
  • These ads can be duplicated across podcasts/episodes so are less bespoke.
  • Ads can be placed into podcast episodes during pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ad slots.

Host-read advertisements

  • Host-read advertisements are commercial messages delivered by the hosts themselves.
  • They are bespoke and collaborative and can be written by Airline Business or the advertiser, with sign-off from the advertiser guaranteed.
  • Ads typically run for 15-60 seconds (60-second ad max).
  • Ads can be placed into podcast episodes during pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ad slots.

Branded Content

  • Branded content integrates promotional or advertising messaging within the editorial content of podcasts, either as a segment, an episode or a series.
  • It is bespoke and created by Airline Business in collaboration with the advertiser.
  • It offers an in-depth message to the audience while seamlessly blending into the podcast experience.

Meet the team

Lewis Harper, co-host

Based in London, Lewis has been editor of Airline Business since 2021, having joined the publication as managing editor in 2016. His reporting covers the global airline sector, with Europe a key focus. Lewis also edits the Airline Business Newsletter and Airline Business’s daily publications at industry events, and he co-hosts the Airline Business Podcast. He previously worked in senior production roles at FlightGlobal and a variety of publications covering industries such as chemicals and defence.

Graham Dunn, co-host 

Based in London, Graham is head of content and has been with FlightGlobal for over 20 years predominantly working across its online news platforms and Airline Business.  With a focus on developments across the airline industry as a whole, and within Europe in particular, Graham has also edited FlightGlobal daily papers from events such as the IATA AGM, moderates industry panels and co-presents the Airline Business podcast.

Listen to the Airline Business podcast

Airline Business Podcast: Is the airline industry recovery still on track?

2024-06-28T15:21:00+01:00Sponsored by

In the latest episode – sponsored by Panasonic Avionics – Graham and Lewis discuss the industry outlook following the recent IATA AGM in Dubai, including an improved profit forecast from the association.