Concorde passengers are being wooed by NetJets Europe. The fractional operator says it is to launch a new service aimed at attracting former Concorde passengers on to transatlantic private jets. The new service will begin when British Airways ends transatlantic Concorde flights in October.

Under the slogan "You flew the Concorde - now it's time for an upgrade", NetJets will launch a campaign in the autumn. It claims that only private jet travel will allow passengers to match the door-to-door journey times of Concorde.

With the demise of Concorde, private jets will be among the fastest aircraft in the sky. And because private jets typically take off and land at smaller, private airports, passengers are able to avoid lengthy airport check-in and luggage retrieval delays - which not even Concorde passengers were immune to.

Launching the offer, Mark Booth, chief executive of NetJets Europe said: "Our message is that - with Concorde going out of service - passengers have a choice: either fly first-class on a commercial airline, or upgrade to NetJets. We'll be making a serious effort in the next few months to encourage Concorde passengers to upgrade."


On cost NetJets says that the all-in price of a London to New York round trip is "in excess of US$30,000" With half-full Gulfstreams - seven or eight passengers - it says the trip can be made for less per person than the quoted BA price of $12,000, but stresses that this is a speed and flexibility driven offer rather than a price-sensitive one.

Source: Flight Daily News