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  • CP-140 - Royal Canadian Air Force

    Leonardo's Miysis to protect Canadian Aurora fleet


    Ottawa has selected Leonardo's Miysis directional infrared countermeasures (DIRCM) system as part of a major upgrade to the Royal Canadian Air Force's fleet of Lockheed Martin CP-140 Aurora (P-3) maritime patrol aircraft.

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    ​Canadian plans put interim Super Hornet deal on hold


    Canada’s Liberal government has unveiled its new defence policy, proposing 88 new fighters for the Royal Canadian Air Force, but pushing back plans to acquire an interim fleet of 18 Boeng F/A-18E/F Super Hornets amid a rift between Boeing Commercial Aircraft and Bombardier.

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    Ottawa should cancel Super Hornet acquisition, say senators


    Canadian politicians have recommended that the country cancel its proposed acquisition of 18 Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornets, describing the plan as a "political decision" that fails to serve either the air force or taxpayers.

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    Canada warns on vital helicopter upgrades


    ​Canada's defence minister has warned that it must secure funding for upgrades of two helicopter types in its inventory or risk compromising the effectiveness of its armed forces.

  • C295 FWSAR - Airbus Defence & Space

    C295 wins Canadian FWSAR contest


    Concluding a circuitous, 14-year acquisition process, the Canadian government has selected the Airbus Defence & Space C295 turboprop to replace its air force’s fixed-wing search and rescue (FWSAR) fleet.

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    FARNBOROUGH: No standard process for Canadian F-35 withdrawal, Kendall says


    As the USA cautiously navigates the implications of the UK's Brexit vote on its foreign military sales, top American acquisition officials are also bracing for a potential Canadian departure from the F-35 programme.

  • Draken Douglas A-4 Skyhawk. Credit Chris Stellwag

    CAE and Draken team to expand aggressor training


    CAE and Draken International have signed a memorandum of understanding to offer the services proposed for the Royal Canadian Air Force’s aggressor training programme to other nations with similar requirements.

  • CF-18 - Royal Canadian Air Force

    Lockheed warns of industrial impact if Canada ditches F-35


    Lockheed Martin may decide to move the industrial participation that Canada currently benefits from on the F-35 to another programme partner if Ottawa decides against acquiring the Lightning II, the company says.

  • Draken Douglas A-4 Skyhawk. Credit Chris Stellwag

    CAE proposes 16 Draken A-4 Skyhawks for RCAF fighter training


    Canadian training and simulation firm CAE has teamed with American warplane contractor Draken International to offer 16 Douglas A-4 Skyhawks as aggressors for Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18 combat training.

  • CC130342 Hercules Flight Safety Investigation Repo

    RCAF C-130H fire linked to faulty hydraulic modification


    Excessive chafing and arcing between an axillary hydraulic line and the power cable is what caused a fire that destroyed a Royal Canadian Air Force C-130H at Naval Air Station Key West in Florida in 2012.

  • CF-18 - Royal Canadian Air Force

    Canada’s defence policy review won't delay CF-18 replacement comp


    The Trudeau government in Canada has launched the country's largest defence policy review in “over 20 years” as it considers if and when to exit the $379 billion F-35 Joint Strike Fighter programme.

  • Buffalo CC-115 - Royal Canadian Air Force

    Lockheed C-130J not entered in Canadian FWSAR competition


    Canada’s decade-long quest to purchase a new fixed-wing search and rescue (FWSAR) aircraft has come down to three contenders, the Embraer KC-390, Alenia Aermacchi C-27J and Airbus Defence & Space C-295W.

  • CF-18 - Royal Canadian Air Force

    Canada close to deciding CF-18 withdrawal plan


    Canada could decide an end date for airstrikes in Iraq and Syria within weeks, and the country’s new defence minister is also assessing other Royal Canadian Air Force roles there.

  • CF-18 - Royal Canadian Air Force

    Canadian F-35 exit could signal wider air force review


    Canada’s change of government this week, after a decade of conservative rule, could see Ottawa swiftly exit the multinational F-35 programme and instead pursue a fighter competition, which defence analysts suggest could favour the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet or F-15SE, or Dassault's Rafale.

  • F-35

    Lockheed F-35 heads to the polls in Canada


    As Canada heads to the polls on Monday, Lockheed Martin F-35 backers will be quietly hoping for a conservative win after Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau came out against the troubled fighter programme while on the hustings, in favour of more spending on ships.

  • CF-18

    Canada's reactivated CF-18 'Rams' squadron takes flight


    Canada’s newly reborn CF-18 fighter squadron conducted its first operational fight this week since reactivating on 50 June.

  • CP-140 Aurora

    Canada axes manned ISR acquisition


    ​Canada has shelved plans to acquire as many as four manned intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance [ISR] platforms “due to reasons of security and technical feasibility”.

  • Canada CH-47 - Boeing

    Boeing completes Canadian Chinook deliveries


    ​Boeing has delivered its 15th and final CH-47F Chinook transport helicopter to the Royal Canadian Air Force.

  • CF-18 - Royal Canadian Air Force

    Canadian fighter debate intensifies


    ​Ottawa expects to make a ­decision soon on whether to stage an open competition to ­replace its Boeing CF-18 fighters, or to instead advance with previous plans to acquire up to 65 Lockheed Martin F-35s.

  • Canada Buffalo - Canadian Forces

    Canada progresses fixed-wing SAR procurement


    Canada appears to be making progress with one of its long-running procurement programmes, with the issue on 20 December 2013 of a letter of interest covering its fixed-wing search and rescue (FWSAR) requirement.