ANALYSIS: Where all the airliner deliveries went in 2013

This story is sourced from Airline Business
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Data compiled from Flightglobal's Ascend Online database provides a detailed insight into the where all the Airbus and Boeing jets were delivered last year.

The graph below outlines the breakdown between single-aisles and widebodies by region. Narrowbody production exceeded 900 units for the first time in 2013, with Airbus and Boeing delivering 914 aircraft.

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This was an 8% increase over 2012, and helped power the two manufacturers’ total shipments to 1,250 aircraft. Asia-Pacific’s airlines took the largest proportion of both single-aisles and widebodies again, receiving over three times the number of aircraft that were delivered to the next-largest market, Europe. Elsewhere, North America saw a significant rise last year as the region’s airlines took a larger number of narrowbodies.

The graph below shows deliveries by region, breaking down how airlines invested an estimated $83.8 billion on updating and expanding their fleets in 2013.

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Using Ascend full-life base values, Flightglobal Insight analysis calculates that over 50% ($42.4 billion) of 2013’s investment on new airliners was made by Asia-Pacific airlines. Base values are more representative of the price paid for new airliners rather than the list price which is traditionally used for calculating values. Europe is again ranked second in new investment, but its spend declined by over $1 billion as deliveries were down on 2012.

The following chart illustrates that the share of spend on new Airbus and Boeing airliners is fairly even in most markets other than the US manufacturer’s home region, North America. Here, airlines spent more than twice the amount in Seattle than they did in Toulouse: $7.8 billion versus $3.6 billion.

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Contrast North America with Airbus’s home market, where the $14.8 billion was shared equally. Airbus can take solace from the fact that it leads in the biggest market – Asia-Pacific – and fast-expanding Latin America. Overall, Boeing delivered over $2.2 billion-worth more than Airbus last year.

The fourth chart breaks down how Boeing outstripped Airbus in overall shipments again in 2013, slightly extending the lead it took the year before. But from a regional breakdown perspective, the US manufacturer only leads its rival in two markets – North America and the Middle East. In the former market, Boeing’s lead is double the Airbus tally: 132 aircraft versus 62.

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The European manufacturer has healthy – but not significant – advantage in its home market and also the preferred supplier in the Asia-Pacific and Latin America. It also has a marginal lead in Africa.