A CANADIAN company has received supplemental type-certification for a replacement wing which enables the gross weight of the de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver to be increased. Vancouver, British Columbia-based Advanced Wing Technologies (AWT) says that it already has orders for the C$95,000 ($73,000) modification from operators in Alaska, Australia and Canada.

The new AWT 6000 wing features increased span, tapered tips, an aft-loaded aerofoil and large Fowler flaps. The modification allows the Beaver's gross weight to be raised to 2,700kg, from 2,300kg, increasing the useful load by 200-400kg - at least a one-third improvement in the payload of the popular utility aircraft. More than 1,100 Beavers are still in service, according to AWT.

While the large flaps improve low-speed handling, and reduce take-off and landing distances, the tapered tips improve wing efficiency and provide a speed increase of at least 10%, AWT says. Optional wing tanks increase the Beaver's fuel capacity to 490litres and extend range by up to 70%.

AWT is working on other improvements for the Beaver, including an extended cabin and modified floats. The company is planning a version of its wing for the turboprop-re-engined Turbo Beaver offered by Viking Air. AWT also says that it has begun design studies into a new 3,200kg gross-weight utility aircraft.

Source: Flight International