Analysts have completed the next phase of windtunnel testing for the joint Russian-Chinese CRAIC CR929 long-haul twinjet, using a 1:39 scale model.

Testing of the high-speed standard model, comprising a fuselage and wing, has been conducted at the Moscow-based Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute.

The institute says the model has been co-developed by aerodynamics specialists from both participating nations.

Results will be compared with findings using the same control model at facilities in other countries, says the CR929 programme’s chief Russian designer Maxim Litvinov.

He says the combined data will enable the developers to “more accurately predict” the flight characteristics of the aircraft.

Detailed analysis of the testing is being carried out to support the development of the CR929 engineering programme. The institute adds that the results will not only be significant to the CR929 effort but the broader domestic civil aircraft industry.

CR929 windtunnel model

Source: Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute

Russia’s United Aircraft and China’s Comac are jointly developing the CR929