Start-up regional operator Great Dane Airlines is expanding its fledgling network from Aalborg into its Scandinavian neighbourhood.

It is planning to open services to the Swedish capital Stockholm, serving Arlanda airport, as well as the city of Gothenburg.

Although flights will commence on 14 November, the services will be relatively infrequent, just once every two weeks.

Great Dane says the departures to Stockholm will take place in "odd weeks" and Gothenburg in "even weeks".

While there are no air services connecting Aalborg to either Swedish city, both are served multiple times daily from Copenhagen.

Aalborg is geographically closer to Gothenburg than to Copenhagen, but Great Dane would be competing with frequent ferry services to Gothenburg out of the Danish port of Frederikshavn.

Great Dane uses a small fleet of Embraer 195s. It commenced services in June this year and operates scheduled flights to Nice, Dublin and Edinburgh.