Airbus has initiated a new A350 XWB publicity campaign that features for the first time an illustration of the amended nose design of the twinjet.

The airframer revised the original A350 XWB nose design, adopting a structure more in line with the A380, and ditching a four-pane cockpit windscreen for a six-window layout.

A350 XWB new nose ad

Alongside a picture of the aircraft in its latest advertisement, Airbus highlights other aerodynamic features, including the wing and flap design.

"Its high-lift system uses stream-wise motion to improve low-speed handling and reduce noise," says the airframer.

Airbus adds that "optimised, integral" winglets and "variable-camber characteristics" will increase efficiency and improve fuel burn.

Flightglobal sister publication Airline Business is carrying the advertisement in its October 2008 issue.

A350 full ad

Source: Flight International