Boeing expects its "simulated Electronic Flight Bag" (simEFB) hardware, introduced at this week's World Aviation Training Conference and Tradeshow, to enhance B737 NextGen and 777 flight training.

The US Federal Aviation Administration has qualified simEFB installation on B737NG and 777 flight training devices at Boeing's Seattle training center. And the UK's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has qualified a simEFB-equipped 737 NG simulator at Boeing's Gatwick campus.

Compared to an EFB aircraft component, the new simEFB has a lower price tag, costs less to maintain, and provides faster uploads of customized data, according to the aircraft manufacturer. Typically, Class 3 EFBs [devices which are imbedded in the flight deck and provide a higher degree of functionality compared to Classes 1 and 2 EFBs] are installed on the 777 and B737NG aircraft, notes Boeing.

SimEFB incorporates all elements and systems required for training purposes. According to Len Weber, chief operating officer, Boeing Training &Flight Services, the new hardware is "designed to handle the rigors of simulator operations, improve the reliability of training devices and the quality of the training."

Source: Flight International