Aeromexico has secured financing for all of its aircraft deliveries through 2019, says chief executive Andres Conesa.

The Mexico City-based carrier will either pay cash or use sale-and-leasebacks for its up to 17 Boeing 737 Max 8 deliveries, and either Japanese operating lease with call option (JOLCO) or direct leases for its four Boeing 787s due during the period, he says at the ALTA Leaders Forum in Buenos Aires.

"We're focused on the financing on the Maxes and the 787s, [and] we recently finished that," he says at a media event at the forum.

Aeromexico will finance four of five 737-8s due in 2018 under SLBs with Air Lease, and pay cash for the fifth aircraft, he says.

The airline will finance a 787-9 due in December and one due in January with JOLCOs, says Conesa. A third Dreamliner due in June and one delivery in 2019 will be leased.

Aeromexico has had repeat success in the JOLCO market since its first deal for a 787 in October 2016. It has financed three aircraft to date with the structure, which allows airlines to finance 100% of the capital cost of an aircraft.

The carrier has SLBs in place for 25 737-8s, which covers deliveries of the aircraft into 2020.

"The plan is [to have] half bought by us and half sale-and-leaseback," says Conesa on its firm order for 60 737 Max. He does not disclose the split between owned and lease financed aircraft of the up to 12 due in 2019.

SkyWorks Capital advised Aeromexico on the JOLCOs and SLBs.

Source: Cirium Dashboard