BAE Systems has unveiled its Fury armed reconnaissance and close air support unmanned air vehicle at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International North America 2008 convention in San Diego, California.

With a similar airframe and using some components from BAE's Herti reconnaissance and surveillance UAV, Fury has a pusher propeller, a wingspan of 12.5m (41ft), is 5.1m long and is pictured carrying the developmental Thales lightweight multirole missile.

Trials involving the weapon have included fuselage missile blast effects analysis, target engagement with a live round fired from a static air vehicle and the tracking of ground targets from the air. Airborne trials have also simulated remote firing of the missile towards a fixed target.

BAE Systems Fury UAV
 © BAE Systems

"Fury has the ability to perform a number of military roles," says BAE's project director Chris Clarkson. "With a high degree of autonomy, it combines many of the already proven elements of our other unmanned platforms, including a small logistic footprint."

Future trials will demonstrate a guided missile launch from an airborne Fury to strike a target, demonstrating both the weapon's safe separation from the aircraft and its control. Target acquisition, designation, tracking and guidance will be provided by the Fury's avionics and mission system, while target confirmation and launch authority will be the weapon operator's responsibility.

Source: Flight International