Kaman Composites Wichita has teamed up with Tamarack Aerospace Group to offer winglets for military aircraft.

Tamarack’s Atlas active winglet is designed to reduce additional wing loading that is imposed by adding winglets. The technology has proven popular with Cessna Citation private jets.

"Our active winglets have the ability to add performance benefits to a broader assortment of military and commercial platforms without the weight and cost penalties of other solutions which require structural reinforcement of the wing," says Tamarack president Brian Cox.

Kaman says its contribution to the effort will comprise its "engineer, contracting, and structural fabrication capabilities".

The companies, however, decline to identify the specific military aircraft types to which they hope to apply the winglets.

"The Atlas active winglet technology will provide significant value to the US military, increasing aircraft readiness, time on station and overall aircraft performance efficiencies," says John Unghire, senior director, business development, Kaman Aerosystems.

"We look forward to working with Tamarack to bring this technology forward to our US military teams."

Source: FlightGlobal.com