Ghana has emerged as a potential new buyer for Alenia Aeronautica's C-27J Spartan, with the African nation having requested a four-aircraft deal worth around $680 million.

Outlined to Congress earlier this month by the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency, the deal would include aircraft configured for tasks including troop transport, maritime patrol and medical evacuation. To be delivered by prime contractor L-3 Communications Integrated Systems, it would also cover the provision of "VIP module and observation windows", the notification says.

 C-27J Italy - Alenia Aeronautica
© Alenia Aeronautica
The C-27J first entered service with the Italian air force

The DSCA says the proposed sale "will allow Ghana to strengthen its homeland defence by improving its capability to deploy troops to protect its borders". A fleet of C-27Js would also "enhance Ghana's ability to participate in peacekeeping operations", it adds.

Ghana's current air force inventory includes three Fokker F27 transports and one F28, according to Flight's MiliCAS database.

If approved by Congress, the deal will represent the second sale of the C-27J to an African nation, following an earlier contract to provide four to Morocco.

Source: Flight International