Malaysian company Sapura Secured Technologies is marketing four unmanned air vehicles (UAVs).

The security company launched its UAV unit in 2008 under the name Cyber Tech, which is located in Perth, Western Australia.

The company's most ambitious UAV is the Cyber Eye, which weighs 65kg (143lb) and can have a 15kg sensor payload added to this. Sapura said it is suitable for military applications as well as crop monitoring.

Sapura said it has sold "more than five" Cyber Eyes in Australia, Thailand and Europe. One of its customers is an air force, but the company declined to provide further details.

The company is also marketing the Cyber Hawk, a 20kg UAV with an endurance of 6h, and the 1kg Cyber Quad micro air vehicle. The four-propeller Cyber Quad comes in two sizes, and is targeted at the law enforcement market.

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Source: Flight International