United Airlines today returned to service a Boeing 787-8 that made an emergency landing on 4 December in New Orleans due to an electrical malfunction.

The 787 completed scheduled flights to Newark from Houston Intercontinental and back again, United says.

The successful return flight came six days after an electrical generator failed about 40min after take-off from Houston. The flight crew descended to 24,000ft, declared an emergency and diverted to New Orleans international airport.

The aircraft landed and all 182 aboard exited without further incident.

United and Boeing have not disclosed a cause for the generator failure. The 787's electrical system relies upon six generators, which automatically absorb the extra power load if one of them fails.

On 4 December, the flight crew asked firefighters to examine the fuselage near the aft electrical equipment bay for signs of fire, but an inspection revealed no evidence of flames or electrical arcing inside the compartment.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news