US Airways plan to debut Wi-fi on its Airbus A321 aircraft on 29 March as part of its target to complete equipage on all 51 narrowbodies by 1 June.

The carrier in July 2009 unveiled that it had selected Aircell to supply its Gogo in-flight broadband system on the A321s beginning early this year.

In its latest employee update US Airways says that once it completes the roll-out on the A321s, customers will have the ability to determine if Wi-fi is available on flights at the time of booking.

"We chose our A321s because they're long-range aircraft where the likelihood of using this product is greatest," says US Airways. "If we find demand is strong enough, we'll consider expanding Wi-fi to other narrowbody Airbus aircraft."

US Airways plans to charge $4.95 for Gogo on flights up to 1.5h for use on laptops or mobile devices, while the costs for flights of 1.5-3h is $9.95 for laptops and $7.95 for mobile devices.

For flights lasting more than 3h, US Airways plans charge $12.95 for using Gogo on laptops and $7.95 for use on mobile equipment.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news