Boeing begins the build-up to the 787 roll-out today with the broadcasting of the first of nine videos of its 7-Series models that will culminate with the new twinjet's "premiere" as a live webcast on 8 July.

Boeing will broadcast the 787's event live and in nine different languages at 15:30 Pacific daylight time (22:30 GMT) via satellite and webcast.


Leading up to the event, Boeing will introduce a series of videos to celebrate its 7-Series aircraft families, which began with the Boeing 707 of 1958.

Boeing will launch one video a day leading up to the 787 roll-out, matching each aircraft model number to the date. This will begin on 30 June with the 707 and continue through to 8 July with the 787.

The industry was given a sneak preview of the new twinjet earlier this week, when photographer Charles Conklin (see above)captured the aircraft during a late-night repositioning at the airframer's Everett plant near Seattle.

To view the build-up to the 787 premiere and the roll-out itself, click here

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