The Airports Authority of India will rely on loans over the next year to fund the development of more airports across the country.

New Delhi's budget documents for the year to the end of March 2020 state that it will "leverage the balance sheet" of AAI to ultimately expand airport capacity by "more than five times to handle a billion trips a year".

AAI has committed to seeking a term loan of Rs15 billion ($225 million). It has also proposed to fund a part of its capital expenditure for the next four years through market borrowing of about Rs80 billion.

In addition, the authority is continuing to boost capacity through the Regional Connectivity Scheme. New Delhi says Rs45 billion has been used so far to develop and revive 50 unserved and under-served airports.

That has resulted in 34 airports being made operational under the scheme, supporting 102 routes.

Source: Cirium Dashboard