Cirrus parent company China Aviation Industry General Aircraft (CAIGA) expects SR20/22 deliveries to reach a three-year high by the end of 2013 amid strong first-half results.

The general aviation manufacturer, which acquired Wisconsin-based Cirrus in June 2011, says first-half profits rose by 91% on a 36% increase in revenue.

For the full year, CAIGA forecasts that Cirrus will deliver a total of 262 SR-20s, SR-22s and SR-22Ts, or nine more than last year, and reverse a six-year trend of steadily declining sales. Cirrus deliveries peaked in 2006 at 721 aircraft.

CAIGA also expects Cirrus to attract 305 orders in 2013, while generating revenue of $180 million for the full year.

Production output is expected to rise as CAIGA operates a second assembly line in Zhuhai for the first full year, since opening the facility last October.

Meanwhile, CAIGA reports that Cirrus is accelerating development of the SF50 single-engine jet. So far, the five-to-seven-seat personal jet has accumulated 632 flight hours on 594 test flights since achieving first flight in 2008.

Cirrus has 500 orders for the SF50.

Source: Flight International