St Petersburg Pulkovo airport is to receive the name of writer Fyodor Dostoevsky while Moscow’s Vnukovo is to be named after legendary Soviet aircraft designer Andrei Tupolev.

The hubs were among nearly 50 airports formally granted names under a national Russian scheme, but whose initial favoured choices were rejected because they had already been assigned to other airports.

Vnukovo will instead receive the name of Tupolev, whose design bureau created aircraft including the pioneering Tu-104, the workhorse Tu-134 and Tu-154, and the supersonic Tu-144.

The airport was the site of several maiden passenger flights with Tupolev jets and a Tu-104 airframe is mounted on a pedestal located in Vnukovo’s south-eastern perimeter.

St Petersburg Pulkovo airport's operator says it has been assigned the name of Dostoevsky, the novelist whose books include Crime and Punishment.

Northern Capital Gateway states that the history and culture of the city are “inherently associated” with Dostoevsky, adding: “The richness and versatility of the images created by this great writer will be reflected in the terminal’s interior.”

Source: Cirium Dashboard