Flightglobal.com has obtained the only photograph in the West of the North Korean national carrier Air Koryo's Tupolev Tu-154 that experienced problems on landing and overran the runway earlier this month.

On 15 August the Tu-154 (P-551), operating Air Koryo flight 152 from Beijing landed at Kim Il-sung airport in the North Korean capital Pyongyang at around 14:00. North Korean aviation sources say the aircraft landed in dense smog and rain and overflew the normal touchdown point. The crew then attempted a high-rate flare, resulting in a rough wheel contact. The Tu-154 overran the runway and safety zone before coming to a halt in bushes, well within the vast airport perimeter.

Some sources say the nose landing gear strut and its fastening point on the forward fuselage have been seriously damaged, although this cannot be confirmed. The aircraft has yet to be moved from its resting place.

The aircraft was full due to the Arirang artistic festival celebrating the birthday of the country's founder, Kim Il-sung, which is open to some foreign tourists. None of the people on board suffered any serious injuries.

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Air Koryo Tu-154 prang W445


Source: FlightGlobal.com