Turkish Airlines has selected Lumexis Corporation's Fiber-To-The-Screen (FTTS) fiber optic IFEC system for installation into two of its Airbus A330s.

Dr Temel Kotil, chief executive of Turkish Airlines, says: "We had heard good things about the Lumexis system, regarding not only its unique ability to reliably provide every passenger his or her own in-seat HD movie, but as importantly, its ultra-light installed weight. So, when these two aircraft became available on very short notice, it offered us an opportunity to evaluate the system performance while, at the same time, verifying promised weight savings and reduced fuel burn."

Douglas Cline, Lumexis CEO, says: "By reducing the installed weight of existing, legacy IFEC on these aircraft by more than a tonne, Turkish Airlines will reduce fuel burned by approximately 50,000 US gallons per aircraft per year."

Source: Flight Daily News