Safran fields regular inquiries from airframe manufacturers about potential applications for its Silvercrest turbofan, but its priority is to ensure the engine’s development is on track for its initial application, the Textron Aviation Cessna Citation Hemisphere.

“Our core focus is to make it right for Textron,” says Safran Aircraft Engines chief executive Olivier Andriès. “So ware not going to be distracted from that.”

Andriès says that Safran is consistently asked about the status of the engine by other airframers. “This engine continues to attract interest from other manufacturers.”

Andriès says that the Silvercrest is the only new-generation turbofan available in the 9,000-12,0000lb thrust (40-53kN) category.

“The ones below do not have the thrust; the ones above would have much more thrust than needed and are heavy,” he says.

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