NetJets has formally launched an aircraft sales push targeted at owners looking to move from outright ownership into a less capital-intensive offering, such as a fractional or charter.

The Aircraft Transition Programme also provides an opportunity for the world’s largest business aircraft operator to grow its customer base and feed demand for its 500-plus strong aircraft fleet.

NetJets is now two years into a multi-billion dollar top-to-tail overhaul of its vast inventory, and will have taken delivery of 60 new Signature Series-branded aircraft by year-end.

The Columbus, Ohio-based company says it was persuaded to introduce the service after receiving frequent approaches from owners wanting help with selling their aircraft.

“They were looking hard at how they were using private aviation and decided they needed an alternative,” says NetJets.

"This is a tough market to sell used aircraft," the company admits, "but through our large network of brokers, owners are able to sell their assets quickly.

“This approach also removes the financial and timing uncertainties that typically surround a sale in this [soft] market,” the company adds.

Source: Flight International