Emirates has become the first A350 customer to release images of the XWB with the revamped nose and cockpit window arrangement adopted by Airbus as it refines the aircraft's design from the original 2006 concept.

The revised nose, which dispenses with the dramatic four-window panel layout illustrated on all artists' impressions released of the A350 to date, was adopted last year when Airbus decided to incorporate the A380's nose structural design.

This installs the nose gear bay at the front of the aircraft. In tandem with this, the refinement incorporates a six-windscreen layout that is less of a design departure from the original XWB concept, bearing more resemblance to the A380's window arrangement.

 © Emirates
A350 XWB - the new nose

The A350 is also the first Airbus to do away with opening direct vision cockpit windows for flightcrew emergency evacuation, with an escape hatch incorporated in the flightdeck roof instead.

Airbus will reach the A350's design freeze milestone in the fourth quarter, by which time it is expected to have published images of the aircraft's definitive shape and configuration.

 © Airbus
A350 XWB - the old nose depicting the original 2006 concept

Source: Flight International