Another of Russian airframer Sukhoi's prototype Superjet 100s has been badly damaged, apparently upon landing at Reykjavik.

Images from the scene show the aircraft on its belly with no sign of the landing-gear, resting on the pods of its PowerJet SaM146 engines.

Firefighting vehicles are in attendance, although there is no evidence of fire. There are no details of possible injuries.

Livery indicates that the aircraft is 95005, one of the test fleet from Sukhoi and a sister ship to the Superjet destroyed in a mountain collision in Indonesia last year.

Aircraft 95005 joined the test programme in February 2010.

Flight-tracking data suggests the aircraft was performing multiple approaches to runway 20 at Keflavik airport, in gusting winds from the south, before breaking away for an approach to runway 11.

Weather data indicates crosswinds for runway 11 at the time of the accident.

Keflavik was used as a transit stop for Mexican carrier Interjet's first Superjet 100 yesterday as the aircraft performed a ferry flight from Venice.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news