Israel Aerospace Industries' (IAI) aircraft conversion specialist Bedek has unveiled plans to launch a new tanker-transport for the global market based on used Boeing 767-200s.

Bedek had launched the 767 multi-mission tanker transport (MMTT) programme even before the Israeli government announced plans in November to acquire such an aircraft, an IAI executive says at the Singapore Airshow.

The Israeli order remains under discussion as the prime minister's office and the Israeli Air Force negotiate a combined funding effort. Israel plans to operate the aircraft primarily as a VIP transport for senior government officials, but it could also serve a military role as tanker and cargo aircraft.

Bedek's design, therefore, emphasizes a modular approach, allowing the aircraft to convert swiftly from tanker mode to cargo mode to passenger mode, the executive says.

In the tanker role, the aircraft will be designed to offload 45,300kg (100,000lb) at ranges up to 1,000nmi. In cargo mode, the aircraft would be configured to carry 34,000kg as far as 3,000nmi, according IAI's marketing documents. The MMTT also could support a load of 220 passengers, plus serve in other missions, including medical evacuation.

IAI's concept includes providing its internally designed fly-by-wire refuelling boom and drogue pods, the IAI executive says. Bedek has converted several aircraft previously into tankers, ranging from Boeing 707s, Lockheed Martin C-130s and Ilyushin Il-76s.

Bedek is focusing the world market for used 767s to make the conversions.

"Buying a new one we believe is a waste of money," the IAI executive says.

Source: Flight International