Boeing is yet to decide on the naming convention for its 777X family, but hopes to finalise a definitive plan soon.

The new 777X family was launched at the Dubai air show in November with orders from Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways, but unusually Boeing has continued to use the “X” suffix usually applied just to its product development studies.

When asked at the Singapore air show about the plan for the 777X name, Boeing’s senior vice president global sales John Wojick said: “That’s a very good question, because I don’t know the answer.”

Boeing has applied names to many of its recent programmes, such as the 787 Dreamliner, 747-8 Intercontinental and 737 Max. Wojick says the manufacturer is yet to decide what its policy will be for the 777X.

“We’re in discussions right now about how we come out formally and whether it’s going to be the ‘777 9’ and ‘777 8’, and what’s the right branding for the product going forward. Hopefully we’ll have that in the months to come,” he says.

Boeing has also not disclosed much detail about the 777X’s specification beyond dimensions and basic range and passenger counts.

“We’re still finalising the airplane’s final configuration and what the exact weights and [engine] thrusts could move a little bit,” says Wojick. “So being too definitive might a little beyond where we’re at at this point of time.”

Source: Cirium Dashboard