Airbus has invited IT experts to submit their ideas on how quantum computing could be used to "transform" aircraft manufacturing and operation.

The airframer says that "with traditional computers approaching their limits" it has launched a competition in order to "further explore solutions that quantum technologies can bring through the sharing of in-house and external knowledge".

In Airbus's view, "quantum computing has the potential to yield a paradigm shift in flight physics, one that could forever alter how aircraft are built and flown".

The competition is open to "experts and enthusiasts" – either individuals or teams – and covers five key topics: computational fluid dynamics, quantum neural networks for solving partial differential equations, and the optimisation of aircraft climb performance, aircraft loading and wingbox design.

"Although computational methods and approaches exist today to address these challenges, Airbus… is constantly seeking to revolutionise capabilities to provide innovative products," says the airframer.

Participants have until October to submit their proposals. The results are to be revealed during the first quarter of 2020.

Winners will be granted "hardware access" and an "opportunity to mature their ideas for industrialisation" together with Airbus, it adds.