Data is king when it comes to providing a personalised service to airline passengers and keeping them loyal, outlined in Panasonic Avionics’ announcement that its new Next Loyalty platform will be launched by Singapore Airlines.

The platform includes a suite of solutions to provide personalised in-flight experiences for passengers, such as the ability to resume watching movies they started watching on a previous flight, and receiving recommendations for content based on past preferences.

“Airlines can use data analytics to improve the passenger experience and to optimise what content they have on board,” says Panasonic senior director of marketing Jon Norris.

Use of data in this way requires buy-in from the passenger, and privacy is taken seriously, says Norris. “The data we have access to is sanitised so we don’t know who the customer is – we just build a history. Passengers knowingly accept that their data is being used, and most people are comfortable with this if it improves their experience.”

Personalisation and machine learning have been recurring themes at this year’s show, as airlines start to grasp the opportunities that the data they have on passengers offers to improve their in-flight experience and drive loyalty. Connectivity is a key enabler of personalising the passenger experience.

“It’s not good enough just to offer connectivity – it’s what you do with connectivity,” says Norris.

The Next Loyalty platform is now available to members of Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer frequent flyer programme on its Airbus A380 aircraft, and the most personalised offerings are available through the airline’s myKrisWorld onboard entertainment service.

Panasonic also announced at the show that it is collaborating with Amazon Web Services to help deliver data analytics and insights from its Next in-flight entertainment and connectivity platform.

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Source: Flight Daily News