Miami-based virtual reality studio 3D Viz has become a specialist in rendering VIP aircraft interiors ahead of completion projects – and now wants to expand this activity to the commercial aviation sector.

The firm’s president Juan Pablo Magnano told FlightGlobal at the Aircraft Interiors Expo on 3 April that 3D Viz has created digital representations of Air Force One, its helicopter sibling Marine One, and been involved in the completion of the Dutch royal family’s Boeing BBJ 737, alongside other VIP projects for customers in the Middle East.

He sees a lot of demand for virtual representations of airliner cabins as carriers aim to differentiate their aircraft from competitors.

For Boeing, 3D Viz has developed a cabin configuration tool for BBJ 737s. Magnano believes that specialist firms like his are more nimble when it comes to producing virtual representations for individual aircraft projects than interior design studios and completion centres, as these contractors do not necessarily have required in-house capabilities.

Airbus, on the other hand, has a philosophy of developing in-house capabilities rather than contracting external service providers for such tasks, he says.

Magnano expects about half of the company’s commercial aviation business to be generated by airline cabin retrofit programmes, with the balance to come from line-fit projects.

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