Fatal events involving illegal interference with the safety of aircraft

23 March Transaviaexport Ilyushin Il-76 (EW-78849) Mogadishu, Somalia 11 11 TO

The aircraft was hit by more than one missile shortly after take-off and crashed. On 9 March another of the airline's Il-76s had been hit by a missile before landing at Mogadishu and landed successfully but suffered serious damage.

Fatal accidents: scheduled passenger flights

1 January Adam Air Boeing 737-400 (PK-KKW) Sea off Sulawesi, Indonesia 6/96 6/96 ER

The aircraft went missing on a flight from Juanda airport, Surabaya to Manado airport, Sulawesi. Some wreckage has been recovered but not the flight recorders. The Indonesian chief investigator says the geographical co-ordinates of the recorders' locator signals were registered before they failed, and in early June he indicated the intention to mount a search for them. The aircraft crashed into water 2km (6,600ft) deep. Severe thunderstorms were forecast in the general area where the aircraft went missing.

7 March Garuda Boeing 737-400 (PK-GZC) Yogyakarta apt, Indonesia 1/20 7/133 L

The aircraft approached the airport well above the glideslope at a much higher speed than normal and with flaps set only to 5°. The CVR confirms that the co-pilot called for the captain to go around but he did not. The aircraft touched down at 221kt, overran the runway, breaking off the nose gear, then it burst into flames.

17 March UTAir Tupolev Tu-134A (RA-65021) Samara apt, Russia -/6 7/57 L

The aircraft touched down 400m short of the runway and off centreline in freezing fog. It broke up and came to rest inverted. The authorities have since imposed operating limitations on UTAir's Tu-134 operations. Investigators believe there were no technical faults with the aircraft at the time of the accident and it was in the correct configuration for landing.

5 May Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 (5Y-KYA) Nr Douala, Cameroon 9/105 9/105 C

The aircraft had taken off from Douala just after midnight bound for Nairobi, Kenya, when it crashed into a mangrove swamp just over 5km from the runway end. Wreckage examination suggests that the aircraft was steeply banked to the right at impact. There was thunderstorm activity in the area at the time. The FDR and CVR have been recovered and sent to Canada for downloading.

28 June TAAG Angola Boeing 737-200 (D2-TBP) M'Banza Congo apt, Angola 6 (total) 5/78 L

The aircraft crashed on landing. The Angolan National Directorate of Civil Aviation told Flight International there was evidence the aircraft came down short of the runway and hit a building. One of its main gear legs separated and the other collapsed. The forward fuselage was destroyed. The weather is not believed to have been a factor.

17 July TAM Linhas Aereas Airbus A320-200 (PR-MBK) Congonhas airport, Sao Paulo, Brazil 6/181 6/181 L

The aircraft did not slow down at a normal rate during the landing run and ran over the end of the runway at high speed, colliding with buildings. There were 12 fatalities on the ground. The 1,880m runway was wet. Investigations so far show that the crew - perhaps because their minds were fixed on the fact that the starboard engine reverser was locked out - failed to retard the right power lever at the flare when they retarded the left one. This left power on the starboard engine still in autothrust, and when autothrust disconnected, the power remained at the last autothrust setting. Leaving the right power lever advanced also prevented the lift dumpers from deploying because both power units have to be at idle for them to operate. Having both power levers at idle is also one of the conditions required for the autobrake to activate.

16 September One-Two-Go Airlines Boeing MD-83 (HS-OMG) Phuket airport, Thailand 5/85 7/123 L

The aircraft landed in stormy weather with a crosswind, ran off the right hand side of the runway, collided with an earth bank and other obstacles and caught fire.

30 November  Atlasjet Airlines Boeing MD-83 (TC-AKM) Nr Isparta airport, Turkey 7/50 7/50 RA

The aircraft hit high ground during a night approach about 12km from the airport. Visibility was good, and Atlasjet's chief executive says the crew's communication with Isparta ATC indicates that the pilots had sighted the airport.

Fatal accidents: non-scheduled passenger flights.

9 January Aeriantur-M Airlines Antonov An-26B (ER-26068) Nr Balad air base, Iraq 32 35 RA

The aircraft, a charter carrying Turkish workers from Adana, Turkey to Balad, crashed on approach.

Fatal accidents: regional and commuter flights

25 April Air Services BN Islander (8R-GET) Nr Kopinang, Guyana 1/2 1/4 ER

The aircraft crashed in trees en-route Kato-Kopinang in marginal weather.

21 June  Let L-410 Nr Kamina apt, DR Congo 1/- 1/22 C

The aircraft crashed shortly after take-off, according to local media.

25 June PMT Air Antonov An-24 (XU-U4A) Mountain, southern Cambodia 22 22 ER

The aircraft went missing on a scheduled domestic flight from Siem-Reap Angkor airport to Sihanoukville.

8 July Liard Air DHC Twin Otter (C-FAWC) Muncho Lake, Canada -/1 2/3 C

Shortly after take-off from the short strip the aircraft crashed and burned.

9 Aug Air Moorea DHC Twin Otter 300 (F-OIQI) In sea off French Polynesia 1/19 1/19 TO

Immediately after take-off, the aircraft plunged into the sea. The French investigator BEA says severe friction wear was found in the stainless steel cables controlling the elevators, and cable breakage was also discovered. Wear appears to have been located near cable guides. The agency immediately advised all operators of Twin Otters to check all control cables.

24 September Free Airlines Let 410 Malemba Nkulu, DR Congo 1/- 1/? L

The aircraft crashed on landing. At least five people on board were injured. There was no passenger manifest.

8 October Nacional de Aviacion Let 410 (HK-4055) Cubarral, Colombia 3/15 3/15 ER

The aircraft went missing and the wreckage was found on a mountainside at about the 7,300ft level.

Fatal accidents: freight and other non-passenger flights

30 March Airlink Embraer Bandeirante (P2-ALU) Nr Kandrian, Papua New Guinea 2 2 ER

The aircraft went missing on a mail and newspaper delivery flight from Port Moresby to Hoskins. In June, Papua New Guinea grounded Airlink for a month subject to a safety audit.

17 May Safe Air Let L-410 Walikale, DR Congo 3 3 C

Bound for Goma, the aircraft took off from a section of road used as a landing strip for a mining community. An engine failed and caught fire. The crew lost control of the aircraft trying to recover to the landing strip.

23 July Djibouti Airlines Antonov An-26 Nr Shinile, Ethiopia 1 10 C

One of its two engines failed early in the climb at about 3,000ft, and the aircraft was badly damaged in the emergency landing.

29 July ATRAN Antonov An-12 (RA-93912) Moscow Domodedovo airport, Russia 7 7 C

Less than a minute after take-off, the No 4 engine lost power, and within a second the No 3 also failed. The aircraft was carrying 9t of freight and it could not maintain altitude. It crashed among trees about 4km from the runway end. The Russian investigator MAK says bird remains were found in both failed engines, both propellers had been feathered and the aircraft weight and balance was within limits. Although the CVR survived, the FDR was destroyed in the post-crash fire.

26 August Great Lake Business Co Antonov An-32 Kongolo, DR Congo 14 15 C

An engine failed 10 minutes into the flight, and the aircraft, carrying 9t of mineral materials, could not maintain height. The crew attempted to return to Kongolo airport, but the aircraft hit trees short of the runway.

7 September Transaviaservice Antonov An-12 (4L-SAS) Goma airport, DR Congo 8 8 L

The aircraft overran the runway onto rough terrain and caught fire. It had been operating without a certificate of airworthiness since March.

20 September Arctic Circle Air Service Shorts Skyvan (N2088Z) Mystic Lake airstrip, Alaska 1 1 TO

The aircraft had been damaged on landing at the strip, and the pilot was intending to ferry it to Anchorage for repair. The aircraft barely climbed and hit trees.

4 October El Sam Airlift Antonov An-26 (9Q-COS) Kinshasa Ndjili airport, DR Congo 25? ? C

Shortly after take-off from Ndjili, the starboard engine or propeller failed and the aircraft crashed into houses near the Kisangani market, killing an unknown number of people on the ground, according to local police.

5 December Castle Aviation Cessna 208B Cargomaster (N28MG) Nr Columbus Rickenbacker, USA 2 2 C

The aircraft force-landed in a field shortly after take-off in snow and icing conditions and turned over.

Non-fatal accidents and incidents: scheduled passenger flights

1 January Onur Air Boeing MD-88 Nr Istanbul, Turkey -/- ?/134 C

One of the aircraft's belly hold cargo doors partially opened and the aircraft failed to pressurise during the climb on a domestic flight to Izmir. On returning to Istanbul, the door opened during the landing run, causing bags to be shed onto the runway. Onur Air said the crew did not get a door-open alert.

21 February Adam Air Boeing 737-300 (PK-KKV) Surabaya, Indonesia -/- 130+ l

The aircraft landed so hard that the fuselage bent visibly downward aft of the overwing emergency exits.

12 March  Bangladesh Biman Airbus A310 Dubai International -/- ?/? TO

The nose gear collapsed during the take-off run and the aircraft came to a halt at the end of the runway. All the passengers and crew were evacuated safely, but the airport closed for 8h and 71 flights were affected.

22 March Emirates Boeing 777 Auckland apt, New Zealand -/- ?/? TO

New Zealand's Transport Accident Investigation Commission is studying the take-off incident on runway 05R, which it describes as follows: "The 777 was taking off from the main runway, which had been shortened due to repair works under way at one end." The crew did not appear to be aware of this, says the TAIC: "[The pilots] had to increase power to maximum thrust during the take-off when they noticed the machinery working at the end of the runway." For normal full-length operations on 05R, the declared accelerate-stop distance available is 3,623m, but the distance available to the 777 that day was 2,170m. TAIC notes that detail about the work in progress was provided in the broadcast automatic terminal information service, in NOTAMs and the operator's own briefing package.

23 March 23 March Ariana Afghan Airlines Airbus A300B4 (YA-BAD) Istanbul Ataturk apt, Turkey -/- ?/? L

Landing in rain and gusting wind, the aircraft overran the 2,300m runway 24 by 30m. There appears to have been gear failure because the aircraft stopped with its right wing and engine touching the ground.

13 April  El Al Boeing 747-400 Paris Charles de Gaulle apt, France -/- ?/? G

After pushback, the tug was disconnected, but the aircraft taxied forward before it was clear and trapped the vehicle beneath engine No 3, damaging the tractor and engine severely.

6 May  Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-600 Los Angeles apt, USA -/- ?/172 L

A near-miss during the aircraft's landing run on runway 24R occurred when a SkyWest Airlines Embraer Brasilia, on an intersecting runway, taxied too close to the active runway. The NTSB is investigating the incident.

26 May  Republic Airlines Embraer 170 San Francisco Int apt, USA -/- ?/? TO

The captain of a Republic Airlines Embraer 170 regional jet cleared to take off from 01L took control from the co-pilot and rotated early to climb directly above a Skywest Airlines Embraer Brasilia twin turboprop that had been cleared to land - by the same controller - on the intersecting runway 28R. The Skywest aircraft, warned at the last moment by the controller, applied emergency braking and came to rest on the intersection.

3 June Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Oakland airport, California, USA -/- 5/114 L

The crew of the flight from Sacramento to San Diego were presented with indications that the nose gear was not deployed correctly. After diverting to Oakland they overflew the tower for a gear inspection three times, having cycled the undercarriage. When the nose-gear was lowered onto the runway, it collapsed. Passengers were evacuated via the escape slides.

12 June Spice Jet Boeing 737-800 Indira Gandhi apt, New Delhi, India -/- ?/171 L

Landed on the wrong runway. The pilots were temporarily grounded while an investigation was held, says the carrier.

17 July Aero Republica Embraer ERJ-190 (HK-4455) Simon Bolivar apt, Colombia -/- 5/54 L

At the end of a flight from Cali to Santa Marta, the aircraft lost directional control on the runway and ran off the side down an embankment.

18 August  Swiss European BAE Systems RJ100 (HB-IYU) London City airport, UK -/- 93 L

Landing on runway 28 in a crosswind from the left (190°/10kt), the aircraft touched down so hard that it sustained damage which required major repair before the aircraft was fit to fly again.

20 August  China Airlines Boeing 737-800 (B-18616) Naha airport, Okinawa, Japan -/- 8/157 G

Just as the aircraft arrived at the stand, the crew were notified of a visible fuel leak from the wing near the right engine pylon, and it was flowing along the ground under the aircraft. The pilots cut off the fuel supply to the engine. A fire started and all occupants were evacuated. Soon after they were all clear, there was an explosion in the mid section. The aircraft was destroyed. It is believed that, during flap retraction after landing, a loose main slat track downstop assembly made a hole in the wing near the leading edge.

5 October  China Airlines Boeing 737-800 Saga, Japan -/- ?/? TO

There was a discrepancy between the readings on the two pilots' airspeed indicators, which led the crew to rotate right at the far end of the runway, then return for a precautionary landing.

20 October  Northwest Airlines Airbus A320 Hector airport, Fargo, USA -/- 4/134 L

Landed with the nose-wheel cocked 90°. The aircraft came to a halt safely with minor damage to the nose gear.

26 October  Philippine Air Lines Airbus A320 (RP-C224) Butuan airport, Philippines -/- 6/148 L

The aircraft overran the runway and came to halt among trees at the bottom of a slope.

31 October Mandala Airlines Boeing 737-200 Malang airport, East Java -/- 5/95 L

The airline's director of flight operations confirms that the nose-gear collapsed during landing and the aircraft came to rest approximately 200m before the end of the runway, slightly left of the centreline.

7 November  Nationwide Boeing 737-200 (ZS-OEZ) Cape Town International, South Africa -/- 106 TO

The starboard engine separated from its mountings late in the take-off roll. The crew climbed the aircraft and recovered to Cape Town airport safely. There were early reports of engine failure caused by birdstrike, but investigators have also been studying evidence of damage to the engine mounting points.

9 November  Iberia Airbus A340-600 (EC-JOH) Quito airport, Ecuador -/- 14/335 L

The aircraft suffered burst tyres on landing and overran the runway, receiving severe structural damage.

Non-fatal accidents and incidents: non-scheduled passenger flights

29 March  Allegiant Air Boeing MD-80 Orlando Sandford apt, Florida, USA -/1 ?/147 L

Landed with nosegear retracted. This caused the airport to be closed for several hours.

14 September Magnicharters Boeing 737-200 (XA-MAC) Guadalajara airport, Mexico -/- 6/10

The crew decided to abandon an approach and go-around when they noticed an indication of flap/slat asymmetry. On the final attempt to land, the main gear was in transit at touchdown, and the engines touched the ground, causing a fire that was quickly extinguished.

11 October AMC Aviation Boeing MD-83 (SU-BOY) Istanbul Ataturk airport, Turkey -/- 7/156 L

The aircraft, en route from Hurghada in Egypt to Warsaw, Poland diverted to Istanbul with a technical problem. It overran the runway, destroying the main gear.

30 October Air Europa Boeing 737-800 (EC-HBM) Katowice airport, Poland -/- 11/114 L

The aircraft, chartered by the United Nations, was on the approach to runway 27 at night in poor visibility. It went below the approach path and contacted approach lights some 850m short of the runway threshold, but managed to land safely with extensive damage to engines, wings and flaps.

30 December  Tarom Boeing 737-300 (YR-BGC) Bucharest airport, Romania -/- 6/117 TO

At about 90kt during the take-off run in fog, the left engine struck a car that had been deployed to check the serviceability of the runway lights The left main landing gear collapsed and the aircraft veered off the runway, causing damage to the port wing, engine and rear fuselage.

Non-fatal accidents and incidents: regional and commuter flights

9 January Peace Air BAe Jetstream 31 (C-FBIP) Fort St John apt, BC, Canada -/- 2/10 L

After a flight from Grande Prairie, Alberta, the aircraft touched down short of the runway in poor visibility and blustery conditions. The right main gear collapsed. The airline suspects windshear may have been a factor.

24 January Air Nostrum Bombardier CRJ200ER (EC-IBM) Barcelona apt, Spain - 40 L

Landed with the gear up.

25 January  Regional Air Fokker 100 (F-GMPG) Pau apt, France -/- 4/50 TO

FDR information shows that the aircraft accelerated normally to rotation at 144kt but, immediately after lifting off, banked left to 35°, then right to 67°, and then left again to 59° wing down. It lost altitude and, still travelling at 160kt , bounced on the runway. Eventually the jet veered off the runway to the right and ran through the perimeter fence, striking a vehicle and killing its driver. French air accident investigator BEA comments: "During the flight phase, no loss of engine thrust was recorded." The aircraft reached a maximum height of 107ft and an angle of attack of 17°.

25 January Mesa Airlines Bombardier CRJ200LR (N17337) Over Colorado, USA -/- 4/50 C

The left engine suffered uncontained failure as the aircraft was climbing through 24,000ft out of Denver International airport. The crew recovered the aircraft successfully to Denver with minor damage to the fuselage and empennage near the engine.

11 February Air Inuit DHC Twin Otter 300 (C-GKCJ) Berbegamau airfield, Quebec, Canada -/- 2/5 L

Lost control during landing in snow.

18 February Shuttle America Embraer ERJ170-100 (N862RW) Cleveland/Hopkins apt, USA -/- 4/70 L

The aircraft, operating a Delta Connection flight inbound from Atlanta, overran the runway after landing in poor visibility with gusting wind and snow. During the approach, ATC changed the clearance from an ILS to runway 24R to an ILS localiser only to runway 28, and the crew were advised that the RVR had reduced from 1,800m to 600m. The co-pilot was PF, and the captain called approach lights in sight, then runway in sight at 50ft height, but just after that, momentarily lost sight of the lights. Braking and full reverse thrust were unable to prevent a 450m overrun, and the aircraft went partially through the perimeter fence.

12 April  Pinnacle Airlines Bombardier CRJ200 (N8905F) Traverse City apt, Michigan, USA -/- 3/49 L

The aircraft skidded off the end of the runway in snow and the nose-gear was ripped off. The accident happened at 00:45 with an unmanned ATC tower but radio contact with Minneapolis ARTCC and communication with the operations team at the airport, where snow clearance work was in progress. The crew reported no braking action.

6 May SkyWest Airlines Embraer Brasilia Los Angeles apt, USA -/- ?/? G

A near-miss occurred during the landing run of a Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-600 on runway 24R when the SkyWest Brasilia, on an intersecting runway, taxied too close to the active runway. The NTSB is investigating.

26 May  Skywest Airlines Embraer Brasilia San Francisco Int apt, USA -/- ?/? TO

The captain of a Republic Airlines Embraer 170 regional jet that had been cleared to take off from 01L took control from the co-pilot and rotated early to climb directly over the top of a Skywest Airlines Embraer Brasilia twin turboprop that had been cleared to land - by the same controller - on the intersecting runway 28R. The Skywest aircraft, warned at the last second by the controller, applied emergency braking and came to rest on the intersection.

18 June  Eagle Airways Beech 1900D (ZK-EAK) Blenheim-Woodbourne apt, New Zealand -/- 2/15L

Bound from Timaru to Wellington, the crew received abnormal indications for the landing gear. They diverted to Blenheim and safely carried out an intentional wheels-up landing.

20 June  American Eagle Embraer 135LR (N731BE) Boston Logan apt, USA -/- 3/37 L

Just before touchdown, according to the crew, they noticed a gear lever disagree alert despite recording a gear down and locked indication earlier. They initiated a go-around but the flaps touched the ground and could not be used for the subsequent approach, but they lowered the landing gear successfully and landed safely.

1 July Jet Airways ATR-72 (VT-JCE) Indore airport, India -/- 49 L

Landed just before the runway mid-point in very wet conditions, bounced more than once and veered off the runway. The aircraft was badly damaged.

12 August  Jeju Air Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 (HL5256) Busan airport, South Korea -/6 74 L

The aircraft landed on 18R and slewed left off the runway, causing the left main gear to fail when it hit a ditch, and the propeller blades of the left engine to separate. According to the reported weather for the period, there was a crosswind from the left (130°/16kt) but the actual wind at landing is not known.

22 August  SELVA Colombia Antonov An-26 (HK-4389) Pasto airport, Colombia -/- 53 L

En route Cali to Villagarzon, the crew made a decision to divert to Pasto Antonio Narino airport. When the aircraft landed, it slewed off the runway, ran down a slope and broke up.

31 August  Caribintair Cessna 208 Caravan (HH-CAR) Nr Port au Prince, Haiti ?/ ? 1/5 C

Soon after take-off, the engine lost power and the crew had to force-land. The aircraft turned over.

9 September  SAS Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 (LN-RDK) Aalborg airport, Denmark -/- 4/69 L

On approach to Aalborg on a flight from Copenhagen, the crew got a red light for the right main landing gear, indicating it was not locked down. The crew carried out a go-around and followed all the drills to try to secure the gear, but the indications remained the same, so they landed. When the right main gear touched the ground, it collapsed and the aircraft came to rest on its right wingtip. Investigation found corrosion had separated the retraction/extension rod from its actuator piston. Corrosion was later found in other aircraft.

11 September  Caribinter Cessna 208B Caravan (HH-CAW) Source Puantes, Haiti -/- 1/8 ER

The crew carried out a forced landing when they realised a hatch was open.

12 September  SAS Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 (LN-RDS) Vilnius airport, Lithuania -/- 4/48 L

The crew could not lower the right main landing gear leg on approach to Palanga, so they diverted to Vilnius for an emergency landing. Corrosion (see 9 September above) was found to be the problem.

21 September  Augsburg Airways Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 (D-ADHA) Munich airport, Germany -/- ?/? L

The aircraft landed at Munich with its nose-gear retracted. Inquiries indicate a broken spring associated with the nosewheel-well door assembly jammed the gear up when it was retracted.

27 October  SAS Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 (LN-RDI) Copenhagen Kastrup airport, Demark -/- 4/44 L

The right main gear failed to deploy and the crew landed with it retracted. The investigation found that a maintenance error committed when the main gear solenoid valve was replaced five days before the event caused a loose O-ring to block a restrictor valve in the gear actuator assembly.

27 October  SAS Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 Copenhagen airport, Denmark -/- ?/ ? L

The right main landing gear failed to lock down and collapsed on landing. No one was hurt.

5 November  Aereo Calafia Cessna 208B Caravan (XA-UBC) Culiacan, Mexico -/- 1/14 C

Shortly after taking off from Culiacan, the aircraft began to lose height and force-landed in a field, nosing over and coming to rest inverted.

4 December  Maya Island Air Cessna 208B Caravan (V3-HFS) Corozal, Belize -/- 1/11 L

The aircraft overran the runway during take-off and collided with a tree.

12 December  SafariLink Cessna 208B Caravan (5Y-SLA) Nairobi Wilson airport, Kenya -/- ?/? G

After arriving at Wilson, the aircraft collided on the taxiway with a DHC Buffalo and both aircraft were badly damaged.

14 December  Expressjet Embraer ERJ145 Washington Dulles airport, USA -/- ?/? L

The crew made a precautionary landing because of a smell in the cockpit.

16 December  Air Wisconsin Bombardier CRJ200LR (N470ZW) Providence, Rhode Island, USA -/- 3/31 L

According to the NTSB, the aircraft landed hard 360m into the 2,190m runway, porpoised, ran off the left side of the runway about 920m beyond the threshold, and ran into a snow bank, causing the left main gear to collapse, damaging the left wing and flap. The aircraft was operating a US Airways Express flight from Philadelphia.

Non-fatal accidents and incidents: freight and other non-passenger flights

13 January RPX Airlines Boeing 737-200F (PK-RPX) Kuching apt, Malaysia - 4 L

The aircraft, inbound from Kuala Lumpur in early morning foggy conditions, landed short of the runway, destroying approach lights and shedding one of the engines. Then the aircraft veered off the runway and stopped with the main gear torn off. The flight was being operated by Gading Sari Aviation Services, which had leased the aircraft from RPX Airlines of Indonesia.

17 January  Brooks Air Fuel Douglas C-54 (N82FA) Nr Nenana, Alaska, USA - 2 ER

The crew shut No 2 engine down because it was running roughly, but it caught fire and the engine fire extinguishers failed to put the fire out. The pilots decided to divert to Nenana airport but realised the fire was taking hold and carried out a gear-up landing in a flat area. The left wing was destroyed. The cargo consisted of 13,200 litres of heating oil.

24 January Freight Runners Express Beech 99A (N699CZ) Milwaukee Mitchell apt, USA - 1 G

Collided with another taxiing aircraft. The aircraft caught fire.

8 February Suburban Air Freight Cessna Caravan (N1116Y) Alliance apt, Nebraska, USA - 1 RA

The pilot was carrying out a night VOR approach to runway 12 at Alliance with a low cloudbase and moderate visibility. The aircraft hit a building and telegraph pole and crashed.

13 February  Fort Aero Bombardier CRJ100SE (N168CK) Moscow Vnukovo apt, Russia - 3 TO

Immediately after rotation, the aircraft's left wing dropped, then it rolled right, the starboard wingtip hit the runway and the aircraft flipped. It came to rest upside down to the right-hand side of the runway. The airport authorities deny the wake vortex from an Airbus A319 that had departed 5min before had anything to do with the incident. The CRJ was departing on a positioning flight to Berlin Schonefeld for maintenance. Temperature was -6°C, dew point -7°C, in snow showers.

15 February Stellavia Cessna Caravan (5Y-BNN) Walikale, DR Congo 1* 1 AA

The aircraft departed Goma on a regular flight to Walikale, where the weather forecast was known to be poor. The pilot made three attempts to land and then the aircraft went missing. There was no locator beacon signal and months later the aircraft and *pilot had still not been found.

24 February United Arabian Airlines Antonov An-12 (ST-AQE) Geneina apt, Sudan - ? L

The UN reports that the aircraft crash-landed.

9 March Transaviaexport Ilyushin Il-76 (EW-78826) Mogadishu apt, Somalia - 15 RA

Chartered to resupply UN forces, the aircraft was hit by what appears to have been a rocket-propelled grenade on approach. The aircraft landed safely but was badly damaged by fire.

29 March  Mayor y Detal Antonov An-2 (YV-1953C) La Paragua apt, Venezuela - ? TO

The aircraft failed to gain height, touched down again and flipped inverted.

30 May  Brooks Air Fuel Aviation Traders Carvair (N898AT) Nixon Fork Mine airfield, Alaska, USA - 2 L

The aircraft was attempting to land with a moderate tailwind on runway 16. The reciprocal is not available for landing because of runway slope. According to the captain, the aircraft sank just before touchdown and hit the runway lip with its right main gear, which separated. The right wing separated on contact with the runway, and it burst into flames. The rest of the aircraft spun through 180° and slid off the runway, coming to a stop in a ditch. It was carrying 13,000kg of fuel as cargo. A Carvair is a converted Douglas DC-4 with a raised flight deck - like a Boeing 747's - that allows the full length of the fuselage to accommodate freight.

21 July  Linea Turistica Cessna 208B Caravan (YV1182) Antabare airstrip, Venezuela - 2 C

The engine failed just after take-off and the crew force-landed. The nose gear dipped into a ditch, causing the aircraft to flip onto its back.

31 August  Solenta Aviation DHC Twin Otter 300 (ZS-NJK) Nr Punia, DR Congo - 2 ER

On a ferry flight from Punia to Goma, the aircraft was force-landed in the Oku river.

5 September  Paragon Air Express Cessna 208B Caravan (N702PA) Nr Cross City, Florida, USA - 1 ER

The engine lost power suddenly in the cruise at 11,000ft during a ferry flight and attempts to restart it failed. The pilot declared an emergency and received vectors for Cross City airport. When it became apparent that he could not make it to the airport in the glide, the pilot latched open the crew door in preparation for a forced landing in a tree-covered area. On contacting the tree tops, the pilot intentionally stalled the aircraft and was able to get out.

17 October  Imtrec Aviation Antonov An-12 (XU-365) Nr Phnom Penh, Cambodia 1 5 C

The crew had taken off from Phnom Penh for Changi, Singapore, but carried out a forced landing in a rice field while trying to return to Phnom Penh airport. The reason is not clear.

8 November  Juba Air Cargo Antonov An-12 (ST-JUA) Khartoum airport, Sudan - 4 C

The aircraft suffered an engine failure soon after take-off, and it force-landed back at Khartoum in the military part of the airport, killing two people on the ground. The aircraft was destroyed but the crew survived.

16 December Southern Air Boeing 7347-200F Cairo airport, Egypt - ? G

Hit cargo building while taxiing.

17 December Ameriflight Beech C99 (N206AV) Vernal airport, Utah, USA - 1 L

The aircraft was damaged when it landed short of runway 07 and came to rest on the runway.

18 December Arctic Circle Air Service Cessna 208B Caravan Bethel, Alaska, USA 2 2 TO

The aircraft failed to climb and force-landed on rising ground almost immediately after take-off.

Source: Flight International