Airbus is continuing its medical supply shuttle operation between China and Europe, adding an A350-1000 test aircraft to the list of types recruited for the effort.

The A350-1000 (MSN59) operated from Tianjin to Hamburg, before flying on to Toulouse on 5 April.

Airbus says the twinjet, flown by a flight-test crew, was transporting 4 million face-masks which are being distributed mainly to the governments of the Airbus home nations – France, Germany, Spain and the UK.

It has previously used other types from its product line – including the A330-800 test aircraft, an A330 tanker, and the military A400M – to ferry similar supplies from China during its response to the coronavirus crisis.

MSN59 became the first A350-1000 to fly when it took off from Toulouse on 24 November 2016.

A350-1000 medical

Source: Airbus

Airbus has been shuttling medical supplies from Tianjin