Slovenia’s government is lifting restrictions on passenger air transport in the country, having imposed a comprehensive ban in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

The government says it will “withdraw the measures” on 12 May after deciding “not to extend” the limitation.

It says the decree prohibited provision of international air transport of passengers from all countries to Slovenia, including within the European Union.

But the government states that measures have since been introduced to protect public health which must be met by airport operators and airlines, while there are also requirements – such as compulsory quarantine – to be followed by returning citizens and foreign visitors.

Slovenia’s government says there remains a risk to public health and, as a result, it is maintaining a ban on general aviation flights to significant airports with international air traffic connections.

Flag-carrier Adria Airways collapsed in September last year and, prior to the coronavirus crisis, international connections were being maintained by foreign operators.

Ljubljana airport

Source: Fraport Slovenia

Foreign operators stepped in to serve Ljubljana after Adria Airways collapsed

Slovenia’s main airport, Ljubljana, is managed by Fraport Slovenia, which has welcomed the easing of restrictions.

“Most airlines cancelled passenger flights to our airport by the end of May,” the company states.

“Regardless of this fact, in the past few days we have been preparing for the reception of the first passengers and installed necessary safety measures to restart passenger traffic.”