Cessna and China Aviation Industry General Aircraft (CAIGA) have entered a joint venture that will perform final assembly and market Citation XLS+ business jets in China.

The joint venture will be called Cessna-Avic Aircraft (Zhuhai) and is expected to ready for operations within 12-18 months from the contract signing.

Under the agreement, Cessna will provide the joint venture with components and parts for the aircraft, which will be assembled in the city of Zhuhai.

"Joint venture operations in Zhuhai will be designed to conduct final assembly, paint, testing, interior installation, customisation, flight testing and delivery of Cessna XLS+ business jets to in-country customers," Cessna and CAIGA said in a joint statement.

The joint venture will be managed by board members from Cessna and CAIGA. Cessna will nominate the firm's general manager, and CAIGA, the deputy general manager.

Source: Flight International