A letter from the editor of FlightGlobal: Why good journalism is worth paying for

In an age of growing misinformation and news aggregation, we believe quality, independent, original journalism is more important than ever.

Quality journalism should provide insights, fresh thinking, and context to news developments. It should cut through the noise and strive to shine a light on the significance behind announcements. It should report on, support, but also challenge, our industry, questioning and probing where necessary and, at times, making a stand.

But there is a cost to providing independent quality journalism and the traditional business models that have supported the provision of news are changing, now more than ever.

From 3 June we will be charging users to access FlightGlobal’s full range of news and analysis. You can still read a small number of our stories for free. You can access even more by, as many of you have, simply registering for free. But the only way to access all our content is by signing up to our premium package.

We know asking people to pay for content they have been used to getting online for free is a difficult step-change, especially at such a challenging time for our industry.

You may have seen other publishers, across a range of consumer and business titles, take similar or other revenue steps in recent months. We believe a subscription model is the most sustainable way to ensure we can continue to deliver quality aviation and aerospace journalism, as we have for more than 110 years.

Your support will help sustain our commitment to deliver quality journalism from our global team. And we pledge that our highly experienced, well-connected and award-winning writers, with expertise across sectors and regions, will continue to deliver original, compelling, insightful and agenda-setting content. Journalism, indeed, worth paying for.


Graham Dunn

FlightGlobal editor

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