Boeing has signed an agreement with British Airways to provide component services for the carrier's fleet of Boeing 787s for 12 years, the manufacturer announces on 10 August.

The company will provide the service through its GoldCare aftermarket support product, a service that Boeing recently began marketing again after a several-year hiatus.

Under the deal, Boeing will maintain a stock of parts for British Airways' 787s and ship those parts to the carrier when needed. Boeing will also repair, upgrade and provide warranty work on 787 parts, Boeing says.

"This new Boeing service, which provides us with replacement parts quickly and efficiently, will help us to maintain our global 787 flight schedule and continue to deliver a consistently great performance for our customers," says British Airways director of engineering Andy Kerswill in a media release.

British Airways operates eight 787-8s and has orders for 22 787-9s and 12 787-10s, according to Flightglobal's Ascend Fleets database.

In June, Boeing announced it would restart marketing of GoldCare across all its models after having beefed up infrastructure needed to offer the product and having signed partnership deals with MRO providers like Monarch, FL Technics and Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance.

At the time, the company said GoldCare would move Boeing out of the "traditional OEM role" and help it better ensure that its product perform as advertised.

Source: Cirium Dashboard