Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) announced today at NBAA 2018 that it has delivered the first BBJ Max to a customer.

The aircraft, a BBJ Max 8, is will be positioned to an interior-finishing centre, understood to be Comlux Completions in Indianapolis.

“We are excited to begin delivering a longer-range and more capable version of the world's most popular business jetliner,” says Greg Laxton, head of Boeing Business Jets.

Boeing holds 20 orders for the BBJ Max, which are predominantly the Max 8 variant, as it is the lead airframe in the commercial 737 programme. It also holds BBJ Max 7 and Max 9 orders.

Boeing had delivered 165 737 BBJs by September 2018. Four orders remain on backlog for the original BBJ based on the 737NG airframe. The last of these is due for delivery to a completion centre next year, as the 737 production finally transitions from the NG to the Max version.

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Source: Flight International