Good week

Dassault Falcon 7X
 © Dassault Aviation
DASSAULT Sales were up 22% in 2010 to €4.2 billion ($5.9 billion) on the back of a record 95 Falcon business jet deliveries, up from 75 in 2009. Net income rose 23% to €395 million. The rate of Falcon order cancellations is decreasing from its 2009 pace, although net orders were still -9. On the military side, Anglo-French co-operation means a Dassault-BAE Systems unmanned systems push (P16) and Rafale fighters are in the running for major export deals.


Bad week

Gulf Air A340
 © Arpingstone/Wikipedia
GULF AIR From the safety of London Heathrow, where he was opening a new business lounge, chief executive Samer Majali derided advisories warning against travel to his home port of Bahrain as "taking the coward's way out", as unrest had not matched Tunisian or Egyptian levels. But that was before things became hotter and Saudi troops steamed in to assist the government. Postponement of the Bahrain Grand Prix had already led to a "serious reduction" in bookings.



Source: Flight International