Government officials in China's Henan province have ordered Henan Airlines to change its brand, days after the carrier suffered a fatal landing accident.

In a statement the Henan Administration for Industry and Commerce says the carrier was registered in 2007 as Kunpeng Airlines - at the time, it was 51%-owned by Shenzhen Airlines - but became Henan Airlines towards the end of last year.

But the administration says that it will "revoke" the right to the name, and order the company to "restore its original corporate name", Kunpeng Airlines.

It states that it holds no shares in the airline but that, since the 24 August accident, there has been "great negative impact" on the province.

Forty-two of the 96 occupants on board the Embraer 190 were killed after it crashed at Yichun and was consumed by fire.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news