UVision has revealed its family of loitering munitions at the show, ranging from man-portable soldier-level short range variants up to a gasoline-powered 97kg system.

The six-strong Hero family is split into two types – the smaller electrical systems and the larger gasoline munitions – and is touted as offering the whole range that soldiers would require in a munition of this type.


The family can also carry a sensor system


“It launches like a missile, flies like a UAV [unmanned air vehicle] and once it identifies a target it carries out a precise strike,” Oshri Baron, vice president of marketing and sales at UVision, tells Flight Daily News.

They carry a Controp Micro Stamp electro-optical payload, and can be flown without the warhead for surveillance missions; in these cases a recovery parachute is carried in place of the munition.

The Hero 30 is being displayed at the show on board an unmanned ground vehicle, which Oshri says is an option for the system, alongside being able to be integrated on platforms like helicopters and vessels.

Source: FlightGlobal.com