The future of Mexico’s City’s airports remains unclear, as government officials contradict one another in their plans for how the Mexican capital's airports will be integrated into a single system.

Mexico's new tourism secretary Miguel Torruco Marquez announced on 6 December that the Santa Lucia military base will become the city's international airport, while the existing Mexico City International airport will serve as a domestic hub.

Torruco says the two airports will be supplemented by Toluca, a secondary airport near Mexico City that is served by only two domestic carriers currently.

However, Torruco's statements were contradicted a day later by the secretary of communications and transport, Javier Jiménez Espriu. He says that Santa Lucia and the current airport will both handle domestic and international flights, while Toluca will serve as an "additional terminal".

He did not provide additional details on how operations will be integrated between Santa Lucia and the existing Mexico City airport.

Both ministers have already been appointed by president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, but will not be in office until 1 January 2019.

Lopez Obrador announced the cancellation of a new airport for Mexico City, following an October public referendum in which there was low voter turnout. One-third of the new airport had been completed at the cost of billions of dollars.

The decision to scrap the new airport has been heavily criticised by most airlines and tourism associations.

Source: Cirium Dashboard