Business jet derivative promoted as low-cost alternative to larger aircraft

Dassault has provided more details on its planned Falcon 900 maritime patrol aircraft (MPA), being promoted to India and other potential export customers as a low-cost alternative to larger aircraft such as Boeing’s 737-based P-8A Multi-mission Maritime Aircraft and surplus Lockheed Martin P-3 Orions.

Dassault 900 MPA

A derivative of the Falcon 900DX business jet, the proposed MPA would be equipped with the Thales Amascos mission system, comprising an Ocean Master maritime search radar, retractable forward-looking infrared sensor, tactical datalink and satellite communications suite. The aircraft’s crew of seven would include two pilots, three mission system operators and two observers, with suggested missions including anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare, plus search-and-rescue, target acquisition and intelligence gathering.

The aircraft will also be equipped with underwing pylons for the possible carriage of weapons and carry electronic countermeasures for self-protection.

Dassault has launched a promotion campaign aiming the Falcon 900 at maritime patrol applications following the termination of its proposed development of an ATL3 version of the Atlantique MPA. The military derivative will retain the 900DX’s Dassault-developed EASy glass cockpit and have an on-station endurance of around 3h when operating 2,200km (1,200nm) from its land base, the company says.

Further special-mission variants of the Falcon 900 could be pursued given sufficient customer interest, says Dassault vice-president for international relations Yves Robins.


Source: Flight International