Diamond Aircraft recently delivered its 1,000th DA20 single-engined two-seat composite trainer to the Maylan Flight Academy in London, Ontario.

Built initially as the DV20 in Austria, the $175,000 DA20-C1 is used for the initial flight screening programme for the US Air Force by Doss Aviation, which operates the largest DA20 fleet with 44 aircraft. Overall the DA20 fleet has accumulated more than 2 million flight hours.

Diamond Aircraft president Peter Maurer says the aircraft's performance, including a climb speed of 1,000ft/min (5.08m/s) at sea level, 138kt (255km/h) cruise, 19 litres/h (5USgal/h) fuel burn and 44kt stall speed make the DA20 "a very robust airplane designed for high utilisation flight training".

diamond DA20 

Source: Flight International