Austria's Diamond Aircraft launched the certification campaign for its DART-450 single-engined turboprop on 17 May, when the two-seat civilian and military reconnaissance trainer made a 60min maiden sortie from the airframer’s Wiener Neustadt base.

Diamond Dart

Diamond Aircraft

“We achieved our target from the first drawings to the first flight in one year,” says Diamond’s chief designer, Clemens Knappert: “I’m already excited about what comes next.”

The DART-450 is described by Diamond as the world’s first all carbon-fibre, tandem two-seat trainer with a sidestick and pneumatic ejection seats. The aircraft is powered by a Motor Sich AI-450S engine, driving a five-blade MT propeller.

Dart - 450

Diamond Aircraft

The same systems feature on Diamond’s in-development DA50-JP7, a five-seat passenger and utility aircraft scheduled for certification in 2018.

The AL-450S has a dual-channel FADEC system and can deliver up to 500shp (372kW), says the airframer.

The Dart-450 is projected to have a top speed of 250kt (463km/h) and an endurance of up to 8h. Its aerobatic design allows it to manoeuvre between +7g and -5g, says Diamond.

Source: Flight International