The first two Hawk Mk 132 advanced jet trainers for the Indian Air Force left Warton on Friday 9 November, en route to their new home – the IAF’s Air Force Academy at Bidar, which currently operates the indigenous HAL Kiran II.

The Indian Hawks are the latest members of the latest Hawk advanced jet trainer (AJT), which is already in service in Australia, Bahrain, and South Africa, which feature advanced avionics, including radar and RWR simulation, and modern glass cockpits to allow them to train pilots for the next generation of combat aircraft.

The two aircraft are the first of 66 Hawk 132s to be delivered to the IAF. The first 24 aircraft are being built in the UK by BAE Systems, but the remaining 42 will be manufactured under licence by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) at Bangalore.

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Source: Flight Daily News