Europe's safety regulator has certified the Dorner 228NG turboprop, manufacturer RUAG's extensively-modified version of the twin-engined 228 airframe.

RUAG is preparing delivery of the first aircraft to its Japanese launch customer, having formally received the type certificate for the 228NG from the European Aviation Safety Agency today, two-and-a-half years after starting the programme.

Initial flight tests of the first production example, serial number 8300, were carried out on 30 July from the assembly plant at Oberpfaffenhofen.

"During this flight the entire scheduled in-flight test programme could be performed," says RUAG. "The two pilots...confirmed, after the flight, the excellent flight characteristics and the enhanced flight performance of the [aircraft]."

The modernised Dornier 228 includes a 'glass cockpit', more powerful engines and a five-bladed composite propeller, as well as some 300 other system enhancements.

 Dornier 228NG

 Dornier 228NG

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news