Embraer expects the E195-E2 to enter flight testing ahead of schedule, as it prepares to roll out the aircraft later today.

"Our expectation is that the aircraft will enter the flight-test campaign in the first half of this year," Embraer commercial aviation chief executive John Slattery tells FlightGlobal.

Embraer had previously scheduled for the type to launch flight testing in the second half of the year. The airframer's chief operating officer Luis Carlos Affonso will likely provide a further update on the E195-E2's new flight-test date in early April, says Slattery.

The E195-E2 will roll out later today at an event at Embraer's facilities in Sao Jose dos Campos. Almost 10,000 Embraer employees will be present. "It's the largest aircraft ever manufactured in Brazil," says Slattery. "It's a special piece of history for us, and we want to celebrate with our employees."

Embraer plans to showcase the E195-E2 prototype at the Paris air show in June, says Slattery.

Customers have so far reacted positively to Embraer's design changes for the E195-E2, he adds. The changes, involving an increase to the aircraft's maximum take-off weight and an extension of its wingspan, added 450nm of additional range for a maximum range of 2,450nm for sea-level take-offs.

"For airlines that operate in warmer climates and hot-and-high airports, the performance of the E2 is perfectly designed," says Slattery.

The E195-E2 is scheduled to enter service in the first half of 2019, a year after the E190-E2 enters service with launch operator Wideroe.

Source: Cirium Dashboard