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Airbus has trimmed its outlook for high-capacity aircraft over the next 20 years, estimating demand for 1,479 new passenger jets and freighters in the ‘very large’ category.

The total of 1,479 – which is 4.6% down on its previous level of 1,550 – includes 1,264 passenger aircraft.

The airframer unveiled its predictions for the 2016-35 period at the Farnborough air show.

Almost half of the high-capacity aircraft, around 700, will be taken by Asia-Pacific carriers, with the Middle East accounting for another 450.

Airbus has put total demand over the next two decades at 33,074 aircraft, up by 1.5%, including 8,064 twin-aisle and 23,531 single-aisle jets.

It expects around 20,240 of these new aircraft to fuel growth while a further 12,830 will be used for replacement of current airframes. Some 6,750 aircraft from the current global fleet will still be in service in 2035.

Speaking as he disclosed the latest figures, Airbus chief operating officer for customers John Leahy said the overall demand equated to $5.2 trillion, including $572 billion in the ‘very large’ category.

Source: Cirium Dashboard