Your views about the aerospace industry and our reporting

Time for a reality check

In issue after issue we are regaled by tales of new companies planning the latest thing in private flying – electric, unmanned, hydrogen, supersonic – you name it and there is a product.

Every one of these companies claim they will be delivering aircraft to customers in a few years – and that certification will only take a year or so.

By contrast, we also read that Gulfstream, a company with over 50 years of experience and backed by some very serious investors, will be taking two and four years respectively to produce and field the G800 and G400 – derivative designs of existing conventional business jets (Flight International, November 2021).


Source: Gulfstream

Gulfstream has said it will take between two and four years to deliver the G800 and G400

Something doesn’t stack up here – and I don’t think it’s Gulfstream which is guilty of over-optimism.

Rob Wallace

Reading, Berkshire, UK

Life-saving response

As a result of my letter calling for the establishment of an independent body to co-ordinate rapid airlift response in times of crisis (Flight International, October 2021), I have been advised that the main obstacles will be agreement and funding.

So, let’s remove both. Every geographical area of influence will be manned by a virtual office of volunteers. When a call comes, they will assess the local need and inform the central office – again largely manned by volunteers – who will contact the appropriate operators of suitable aircraft for their assistance.

Afghan evacuation

Source: Commonwealth of Australia

Air forces from around the globe contributed to mission to evacuate at-risk Afghan civilians

Funding for these extra missions will be provided by public donations, and contributions from the aircraft providers.

This would be simple, quick and cost-effective, with no threat of governmental delay and interference.

David Stevens

Woking, Surrey, UK